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VIA Green Computing Initiative

For a Cleaner World

VIA has long been a leading proponent of Green Computing, with a focus on power efficiency throughout the design and manufacturing process since 2001, and is proud to lead the market in sustainable computing products. The VIA Green Computing Initiative is a natural extension of this philosophy of developing more environmentally friendly products, and covers a range of computing strategies, each aimed at highlighting different aspects of environmental responsibility.

By providing an unmatched range of highly efficient, affordable and innovative computing platforms work together with and complement existing infrastructures such as power grids and distribution channels, VIA endeavours to educate markets about the benefits of Green Computing for the environment, productivity and the overall user experience.

VIA Green Computing

Carbon Free Computing

Building upon VIA's leadership in offering the most power efficient computing products on the market, VIA Carbon Free Computing is a set of programs and products designed to help individuals and organizations reduce their impact on the environment. Offering the world's first Carbon Free processors, VIA works with partners around the world to offset harmful carbon emissions and so improve the environment and give back to the community.

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Solar Computing

VIA Solar Computing harnesses the power of the sun to provide clean, sustainable computing and connectivity for rural and remote communities as well as urban environments. VIA has pioneered energy efficiency at the silicon, platform and system level; now it is leading the way in developing complete solar powered applications for those technologies.

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Lead-Free / ROHS Computing

VIA recognized early the importance of reducing hazardous substances in the silicon platform, and spearheaded the drive towards lead-free native x86 processor platform production, being first to market with RoHS-compliant processors as early as 2003. Implementation of RoHS-compliant manufacturing capability across the entire VIA product portfolio was completed in 2005.

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Energy-Efficient Computing

Reducing power consumption by over four times that of competing products, the energy-efficient VIA processor platforms are driving a new era in eco-friendly computing. Combining low power consumption and cool operation without comprising performance, VIA has consistently set the standard for the PC industry.

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Quiet Computing

VIA has established itself as a world leader in quiet computing by promoting low noise and fanless cooling solutions for its processor platforms, such as the VIA EPIA series of compact mainboards that can operate silently, without any moving parts. VIA maintains relationships with leading international PC noise experts and has conducted independent noise testing in accordance with relevant ISO standards at the University of British Columbia in Canada. VIA instituted the VIA Quiet Computing initiative in October 2001 and has launched various quiet computing projects aimed at educating the market about the tangible benefits of reducing PC noise.

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