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VIA pc-1 System Platform Architecture

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VIA pc2500 Platform

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VIA pc2500 Platform

VIA pc1000The VIA pc2500 Platform boasts the world-beating power efficiency and hardware security of the advanced VIA C7-D processor and the rich digital media feature set and extended connectivity of the VIA CN700 chipset to provide a high performance yet ultra energy efficient computing platform.

Fully compatible with Microsoft® Windows® XP/2K/CE and Linux operating systems, the VIA pc2500 Platform combines next generation silicon with its excellent thermal and physical properties and market-leading power, security and performance characteristics to deliver all the necessary performance for productivity, education and entertainment.

VIA C7-D Processor

VIA C7®-DManufactured using state-of-the-art 90nm process technology, the power saving VIA C7-D processor is based on the efficient VIA CoolStream™ architecture and integrates the StepAhead™ Technology Suite, featuring 16 pipeline stages, advanced branch prediction, efficiency-enhanced 128KB Level 1 and 2 cache, full-speed FPU and multimedia extensions including SS3 for quality performance across the most popular applications. The powerful integrated VIA PadLock Security Engine boasts two quantum-based RNGs and hardware support for military-grade AES encryption, NX worm protection and Secure Hashing.

VIA CN700 Digital Media Chipset

VIA CN700The VIA CN700 digital media chipset features the VIA UniChrome™ IGP Pro integrated 2D/3D graphics processor, a built-in hardware MPEG-2 accelerator for smooth DVD playback, video scaling and processing, and an AGP 8X interface, as well as VIA Vinyl 6-channel AC’97 Audio for a rich surround sound experience.

Extended Connectivity

Through the VIA VT8237R Plus South Bridge, the VIA pc2500 Platform provides support for up to 2GB of DDR400 and DDR2 400/533 SDRAM memory, dual Serial ATA drives and multi-configuration RAID through the VIA DriveStation™ utility, eight USB 2.0 ports, six PCI slots for system expansion and 10/100 Fast Ethernet for broadband networking. DuoView™ supports dual CRT, LCD or TV displays for enhanced productivity, while two video capture ports and picture-in-picture functionality provide multi-channel capability.

Designed for Power Efficiency

Low power draw is critical in many emerging market implementations, especially in rural areas, so it is vital that computing technologies consume minimal power. With a maximum power draw of just 20 watts and idle power as low as 2 watts, the VIA C7-D processor leads the way with its extremely efficient design: the chart shows that the VIA C7-D processor is designed to consume 76% less power than competing processors targeted at the same market segment.

VIA pc2500 Platform Block Diagram

VIA pc2500 Platform Specifications

1.5GHz VIA C7-D Processor
Highly efficient CoolStream architecture Superior performance for mainstream digital media and productivity applications.
90nm manufacturing technology Enables VIA C7-D processor to operate up to 15% faster while using 20% less power.
Compact VIA nanoBGA2 package (21mm x 21mm) Excellent thermal characteristics and compact package for greater system design innovation.
VIA V4 Bus of 400MHz FSB High bandwidth connection to system core logic for optimum performance to memory and peripheral devices.
VIA StepAhead™ Technology Suite Sophisticated, intuitive branch prediction for smoother performance; 16 pipeline stages for faster CPU speed and efficiency; full-speed FPU for additional processing power for graphics and streaming.
Efficiency enhanced 128KB full-speed exclusive L2 cache with 32-way associativity Greater memory optimization for enhanced digital media streaming and overall performance.
MMX, SSE, SSE2 & SSE3 instruction sets Advanced multimedia capabilities for enhanced 3D and video performance.
Full x86 OS & Software Application Compatibility Leverages the richest and most cost-effective software development platforms, including Microsoft® Windows® and Linux.
VIA PadLock Security Engine World's fastest, most efficient, military-grade hardware encryption/decryption, secure hash, virus protection and random number generation.
IO/APIC Support Greatly reduces interrupt latency.
VIA CN700 Digital Media Chipset
Memory Support up to 2GB of DDR2 533 Larger DDR2 memory bandwidth up to 4.2GB/s maximizes system performance across the spectrum of applications.
Enhanced Digital Video Graphics VIA UniChrome IGP graphics core integrates a 128-bit graphics engine, hardware MPEG-2 decode acceleration and an AGP8X interface.
Multi-channel Audio Integrates VIA Vinyl Audio 6-channel AC’97 surround sound for a richer listening experience.
Extended Connectivity Comprehensive suite of memory, networking, display and peripherals technologies.
Advanced Power Management Designed with low core transistor count and low voltage DDR memory for minimal power use, effective heat dissipation. Fully compatible with latest power management specifications.

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