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VIA PadLock Security Initiative

Viruses, worms, hacking, identity theft and information theft are terms that have become an everyday part of mainstream computing. As a result, the security of personal, corporate or national information, when stored on devices like hard drives and removable storage, has become a forefront issue in computing.

To help combat this threat, VIA has integrated a powerful set of security tools into all recent processor cores, called the VIA PadLock Security Engine, and designed a suite of software that utilizes its strength and speed to protect information exchanged and stored, as well as enabling developers to build this functionality into their applications. With this holistic approach, the VIA PadLock Security Initiative aims to make security pervasive throughout computing and connecting on the x86 platform.

The VIA PadLock® Security Engine is hardware based security technology that provides the latest military-grade encryption and protection with the world's fastest x86 security engine. This, when enabled by applications, can provide this technology with little or no impact to the performance of applications being executed.

The VIA PadLock Security Engine gives programmers a suite of tools which, when enabled, can make data unreadable to unauthorized users (data encryption), and help prevent attacks from hackers and worms.

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The VIA PadLock Security Engine can perform encryption and decryption calculations at many times the speed than what is possible in software implementations of the same techniques.
In fact, not only can VIA PadLock do them faster, but by offsetting the complex calculations to a hardware engine, main processor functions are freed to do the job the user wants it to do.

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The VIA PadLock Security Engine built into the VIA C7 processor family facilitates secure computing by the inclusion of five key security features which can provide unbreakable military-grade protection on VIA PadLock-enabled devices.

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As part of the VIA PadLock Security Initiative, an extensive suite of VIA PadLock powered software applications and a practical software development kit are available for free download. These applications help protect data both exchanged and stored, and enable developers to build this military-grade security into their applications.

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