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VIA StrongBox is an application that uses the power of the VIA PadLock Security Engine included in VIA C7-M and VIA C7 based notebooks and PC’s which allows a user to create up to 10 encrypted virtual drives on their notebook computer. These virtual drives are designed to keep users' information safe from attacks by viruses and hackers, using the latest military-grade AES and SHA-1 algorithms, and encrypt data in real-time.

VIA StrongBox is more secure than other software based secure storage applications due to the fact that it encrypts the data using the VIA PadLock Security Engine, making it difficult for hackers to attempt reading valuable primer information used during the process. Offsetting the encryption process to VIA PadLock also reduces performance lag caused by software applications attempting to handle computationally intensive process themselves. To learn more about the VIA PadLock Security Engine click here.

The VIA StrongBox application protects files inside an encrypted drive from most forms of viruses by making the drive inaccessible when locked. Hackers are also prevented access to contents of the encrypted drive that protects information by using the AES 256-bit algorithm combined with SHA-1 secure hash (that is used to keep the password secret). A password time lock system is also included to help prevent dictionary attacks. This system provides a three layer level of security for all information stored within a drive, thereby thwarting any attempt by hackers to read the data and viruses to destroy the data inside the drive.

Figure 1: User data on VIA C7-M notebooks is kept safe with layered military-grade protection.

VIA StrongBox is operated through an easy and intuitive user interface. Lock and unlock functions are made available with a simple right click by the user's mouse over the virtual drive. Other functions such as virtual drive creation are offered to users through the wizard based VIA StrongBox command center. When creating a StrongBox, users are prompted to choose a size (up to the free space available) and assign a letter for the virtual drive. Once chosen, users are asked to either select or create their own password hint question, its answer and an actual hint. To add a final layer of protection, VIA StrongBox lastly encrypts the chosen password into the drive such that once created the actual password can never be hacked.

When locked the contents of VIA StrongBox drive are rendered 100% unreadable and unbreakable to unauthorized users. Upon notebook shutdown, VIA StrongBox drives automatically lock so that when re-started the contents of the virtual drive are kept secure.

VIA StrongBox also offers through its Load/Unload function, secure PC-to-PC data transfer and secure backup. To utilize this feature, users right click with their mouse over the virtual drive and select the Unload function. Once selected, the contents of the virtual drive are automatically encrypted into the drive's image file, allowing users to either transfer the file to another system powered by an appropriate VIA processor, or to store the file in a remote location for secure backup with devices such as a removable flash-based storage. To load and access the secure virtual drive again, users simply transfer the image file onto a system installed with VIA StrongBox, double-click on the image file and enter the drive's password.

VIA StrongBox Protects

VIA StrongBox drives can be used to keep information safe for both home and business users. Small businesses can use StrongBox to store their accounting and financial data used in programs such as QuickBooks and Microsoft Excel. Email files can be stored in StrongBox to protect valuable emails, contacts and attachments. Both home and business users can also protect files from viruses by locking them in their StrongBox drive (When locked the drive is inaccessible which prevents viruses from penetrating the StrongBox).

Figure 2: Types of information that VIA StrongBox protects.

VIA StrongBox also helps protect information stored on notebook computers, so that if stolen, thieves can not gain access to the valuable data stored inside. In fact, if a VIA StrongBox enabled computer is left unattended, the StrongBox drives will automatically lock themselves upon screensaver activation, stopping theft of data through "lunch time" attacks.

Perfect for all types of users

VIA StrongBox provides bulletproof protection for secure mobile computing making it perfect for use by mobile salespeople, company executives and families.

Mobile salespeople can use VIA StrongBox on their VIA C7-M based notebooks to protect information that they store and collect on behalf of their customers. This is of particular importance as, if stolen or hacked; the information stored on the notebook can not only put in jeopardy their company's valuable data but also their customer's important project or financial information.

Company executives who carry their financial records, documents, customer contacts and email can also use VIA StrongBox on their VIA C7-M based notebook to protect data. Again if stolen these records can be kept safe from hackers who can use the information to infiltrate company networks and/or re-sell the data to criminals who will use the information for fraudulent purposes.

Families can benefit from the bulletproof protection that VIA StrongBox provides. Personal banking information can be kept secure in the VIA StrongBox of a family's VIA C7-M based notebook. Personal photos and other memories can also be protected from hackers stealing the data virtually or physically to re-use for fraudulent purposes.

Works with All Recent VIA Processors

VIA StrongBox can not only run on the VIA C7 and C7-M processors, it can also run on systems with VIA C3 & Eden processors based on the Nehemiah C5P core including most recent VIA EPIA Mini-ITX mainboards. Whether its the latest thin and light notebook based on the new VIA C7-M mobile processor, an ultra-compact mini-PC or low power networked device, VIA StrongBox by enabling bulletproof technology through the power of VIA PadLock applications gives developers of embedded and server products peace of mind that information stored and exchanged is kept secure.

- To download the latest version of the VIA StrongBox software, click here.
- A guide to installing and using StrongBox can also be found here.

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