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Quiet Computing From VIA

VIA has been promoting quiet computing through "Cool Processing" since the launch of the VIA C3 processor in March 2001. Large, overpowered PCs require many high-speed fans to ventilate and cool them and the result is excessive PC noise.

Much of the PC industry's scarce resources are being directed at silencing these fans and coolers as a treatment for PC noise. VIA's highly efficient processor platforms target the issue of PC noise at the source because they require minimal noisy forced air-cooling and can result in quieter overall PC systems especially when combined with smaller, quieter power supplies.

VIA and PC Noise Resources

This web page provides a brief introduction to the main causes of noise in a PC, why PC noise is a problem, PC noise measurement comparisons, how to reduce PC noise and some PC noise related links.

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Find out more about how PC noise affects you in the office, at home or at school. This paper looks at various articles that have been carried out to deturmine the relationship between PC noise and stress or productivity.

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Mike Chin the editor and publisher of Silent PC Review and a recognized expert in the field of PC noise related issues has written a white paper detailing what PC noise consists of, the causes of PC noise, healthy noise levels, how to properly measure PC noise, and an explanation of how VIA's distributed platform performance strategy contributes to quiet computing. A must read for quiet computing enthusiasts.

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This two-page document can help you understand the basics of why PC noise is important to you and what VIA is doing to reduce PC noise.

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Properly measuring PC noise can be a complex undertaking for the uninitiated. Outlined in "An Introduction to Measuring PC Noise" are the proper steps for the professional and enthusiast alike. If you want accurate measurements of a device's acoustic emissions be sure to read these instructions.

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VIA Low Noise Products

» Power efficient VIA C7 processor
» Low power VIA C3 processor
» Fanless VIA Eden processor
» VIA C7-M mobile processor
» Quiet VIA EPIA Mini-ITX mainboards

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