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VIA Em-ITX Board Form Factor: with Dual I/O Coastlines

Building on VIA's reputation as a global leader and pioneer of ultra compact x86 system design in embedded single board computer markets, Em-ITX is the first form factor specification to specify two I/O coastlines making it suited to the development of versatile, scalable, ultra-slim embedded devices.

Using an extended dual I/O coastline, the VIA developed Em-ITX form factor is an open industry standard that forms the ideal base for industrial automation, digital signage, kiosk and other applications requiring an ultra-slim embedded device.

Forthcoming boards based on the VIA Em-ITX standard will take advantage of VIA's fully scalable processor platforms. Industrial automation customers can develop fanless, ultra power-efficient devices using the VIA Eden processor, while to high-end digital signage devices can be brought to market using the latest 64-bit VIA Nano processor.

Em-ITX Key Features:

Dual I/O Coastlines
The VIA developed Em-ITX form factor specification includes dual I/O coastlines; I/O inputs can be found on both 17cm edges of the board. This unique design greatly reduces cable clutter facilitating even more compact and robust designs while also boosting signal integrity and improving airflow.

Modular Expansion through Em-IO Bus
The Em-ITX form factor uses the specially developed Em-IO expansion bus to integrate with stackable, customizable, expansion modules. The Em-IO expansion bus integrates the majority of legacy and the latest bus signal technologies.

Faster Time to Market Cycles
VIA has also designed a selection of expansion modules covering a variety of industrial applications. These expansion modules bring all the advantages of custom designed boards without the necessary development time.

More information about the Em-ITX form factor can found in the Em-ITX form factor white paper, available here.
The VIA EITX-3000 is the first board based on the Em-ITX form factor. For more information please click here.


VIA EM-ITX image kit
VIA EM-ITX White paper

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