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VIA Mini-ITX Projects - Car PCs

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By David Hitchings
In-CarPC Ltd manufactures a wide range of versatile e-mark approved in-vehicle computers for commercial and industrial applications, and over the years VIA EPIA Mini-ITX mainboards have often been at the heart of these solutions. One notable success story involving VIA technology includes a project where In-CarPC installed on board computers into the passenger bus fleet of a major UK international airport, with the PCs being used to record data about bus movements and upload this data to the airport’s servers in real-time. To survive harsh environments such as this, it is vital that all of the components making up the computer are extremely robust, and the quality of VIA mainboards has been excellent.

For all the details visit:

By Andrei Bulucea
VoomPC is a compact, high performance yet affordable x86 vehicle / car PC (car computer) kits specifically designed for the ultra power sensitive conditions of in-vehicle applications. Based on low power VIA EPIA Mini-ITX mainboards the VoomPC is aimed at driving telematics mainstream and provides a versatile, low cost navigation and infotainment platform.

For all the details visit:

By Dmitry Borisov
The In Dash PC designed by Dmitry Borisov is a fully functional PC equipped with the VIA EPIA M series motherboard that is small enough to fit into the dashboard of a car. Dmitry wanted the system to fit in the dash so that it would be within hand's reach and easy to control while driving. The In Dash PC uses Linux as its operating system and functions as a digital video player, Audio CD, MP3, OGG, and GPS navigational device. Check out his site for a detailed step-by-step explanation on how he went about creating the In Dash PC for his Volkswagen Golf.

For all the details visit:

By Luca Barzelogna
The VESPA-PUTER built by Luca Barzelogna, president of the Italian Vespaonline Association, is the ultimate traveling vehicle. Luca fitted his vintage Vespa with a VIA EPIA MII12000 mainboard to provide computing power to withstand the rigors of long distance sightseeing travel. The system with its 8" touchscreen monitor and dual solid state HDD's functions as a gps map navigator giving him the correct traveling route as well as directions to the nearest gas stations and motels. The VESPA-PUTER is also equipped with a USB web cam and wireless Internet connection that allows him to upload pictures to an ftp server in Italy, providing his friends back home with a live minute-by-minute postcard of his trip.

For all the details visit:
For the English version, please visit

By Ken Ng
Looking to upgrade his car CD changer to a full fledged carputer, Ken Ng stepped up to the challenge and created the Carputer Project II. Fitted with the VIA EPIA Series Mini-ITX mainboard with its compact form factor and low-power requirements, the Carputer Project II is equipped as a MP3 player, TV/FM radio, digital video player, GPS navigational system and provides vehicle diagnostics and wireless Internet and e-mail capabilities. While the task was relatively difficult to complete, Ken says the completed Carputer Project II was well worth the time and money he spent on the project.

For all the details visit:

By Nick Kolev
When starting this car PC project, Nick had a fairly tricky goal in mind, to make a car PC small enough to fit into the dashboard of a 1999 Honda Accord. As a result, Nick ended up creating the dash M.I.N.D. short for Multimedia Internet Navigation Data. Built around the VIA EPIA 5000 Mini-ITX mainboard, this mini car PC has onboard navigation system, Internet connected, music library big enough to store an entire CD collection, and can display car information data such as speed and distance as well as average gas usage.

For all the details visit:

By Steve Goodman
"Stevie Goodman’s car PC in his Ford Focus fulfills his childhood fantasies from James Bond movies and Knightrider TV shows, and is a highly intelligent system that even does what it is told! The array of communications technologies in Steve’s car PC, made possible with the VIA EPIA 800, include voice control, satellite navigation, Internet access, and live traffic data monitoring. And to allow passengers to sit back and enjoy the ride in maximum comfort, the system comes complete video and radio entertainment."

For all the details visit:

By Elliott D. Coooper
"This project started out when I decided I wanted to be able to play all my MP3s in my car rather than making CDs which I kept destroying. Originally I had an atx motherboard and an 8 gb hard drive with a 4 line lcd display. I soon realised that this was too large and took up a lot of space in my truck and still didn't fufill my needs. Right now this has evolved to a VIA M10000 with a burner and a couple of LCD monitors. I also now have GPS capablities as well as digital video playback and internet access to name a few."

For all the details visit:

By Patrick Basten
His latest in a series of MP3 car players, veteran car PC creator Patrick Basten, uses clever workmanship to create a TFT LCD monitor system in a 94 Jeep Cherokee that lets him play MP3s, surf the Internet, navigate using GPS, and more. Patrick uses space efficiently, placing all the VIA EPIA M, hard drive, and power supply in a small container, and puts the LCD monitor in the center of the dashboard, allowing all passengers to easily view the screen.

For all the details visit:

By Brian Shoemake
Starting off as a database for storing MP3 files for his travels, Brian Shoemake added CD/MP3 playing functions, a navigation system, and is planning to integrate a security system along the way. His grand project brought an interesting opportunity along the way…

"The Dakota Project Car PC was originally conceived as a Grad Project for my Heald College Portland, Oregon IT degree. After several months in the making, it has not only surpassed all of my expectations I had for the project, but it took first place honors at Heald College, and became the foundation for a business providing hard to find parts to other Mini-Itx enthusiasts."

For all the details visit:

The content of this web page is purely for information purposes and is intended for Small Form Factor case modding, low power and quiet computing end user enthusiasts. VIA Technologies, Inc. does not endorse any of the products mentioned above. This website is merely a vehicle for the display of various Mini-ITX projects and provides the opportunity to be introduced to and share knowledge with other Mini-ITX enthusiasts.

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