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VIA Pico-ITX Mainboard Form Factor: 10cm x 7.2cm

The Pico-ITX mainboard form factor is a complete, native x86 mainboard measuring just 100mm x 72mm, 75% smaller than the Mini-ITX form factor, and has been developed by VIA as part of its "Small is Beautiful" strategy of shrinking the x86 platform to inspire innovative system design and to make x86 accessible for a new generation of smaller computing and connecting devices.

Smaller than existing ATX, BTX and ITX form factors, the Pico-ITX form factor is the latest advance in mainboard design, and the third generation of platform size reduction from VIA, with a 50% board area reduction at each stage of miniaturization:

VIA Form Factor Dimensions
Mini-ITX 17cm x 17cm
Nano-ITX 12cm x 12cm
Pico-ITX 10cm x 7.2cm

The Pico-ITX form factor leverages VIA's focus on enhancing power efficiency, thermal management and feature integration at both the silicon and platform levels, and has been designed specifically to be powered by VIA's energy efficient processor platforms, such as the VIA C7 or fanless VIA Eden processor, and based around one of the new breed of VIA's system media processors, all-in-one digital media IGP chipsets such as the VX700, which combines core logic, multimedia, connectivity and storage technologies within a highly integrated single-chip package..

Helping to fulfill VIA's vision to drive the x86 platform more widely and empower more people to enjoy the digital lifestyle, the Pico-ITX mainboard form factor is designed to enable system developers and OEMs to create smaller, lighter, quieter and even more mobile devices than ever before, and open up a new world of possibilities across multiple embedded PC, system and appliance segments.

VIA now offers mainboards based on the Pico-ITX form factor; please click here for information on where to buy them.

VIA ARTiGO Builder Kit The VIA ARTiGO Builder Kit: The first ever mainstream oriented DIY kit for the VIA Pico-ITX form factor.


VIA Pico-ITX Form Factor press release
VIA Pico-ITX Form Factor techincal white paper
VIA Pico-ITX Form Factor image kit (High) / image kit (Low)

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