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Pico-ITXe Specification

Pico-ITXe is an open, multi-sourced standard based on the VIA-developed Pico-ITX form factor. Using the same 10cm x 7.2cm dimensions as Pico-ITX, the Pico-ITXe specification includes unique fixed mounting holes and specially designed SUMITâ„¢ connectors to allow easy development of stackable, I/O-centric embedded devices using advanced serial bus technology.

Products based on the Pico-ITXe specification act as the perfect base board, taking advantage of an intelligent board layout that greatly aids both heat dissipation and stackability, all within a remarkably small footprint. The VIA processor platform compliments the Pico-ITXe specification, offering a diverse array of legacy and next generation features.

Using SUMITâ„¢ (Stackable Unified Module Interconnect Technology) connectors to interface between base board and I/O expansion boards allows simple connection of PCI Express, LPC, SPI and USB 2.0 buses across as many as four stacked layers. SUMIT expansion technology is an open standard developed by the Small Form Factor SIG (SFF-SIG) to integrate high and low-speed legacy and serial expansion buses across multiple boards in a stacked configuration.

The Pico-ITXe specification ensures the design of next generation embedded devices is simple, expedient and rational and will play a pivotal role in shaping the direction of the embedded market for years to come.

Watch this video to see how the VIA EPIA-P710 works:

The VIA EPIA-P710 is the first product to market to use the Pico-ITXe specification. For information about the VIA EPIA-P710 please visit:

The Small Form Factor Special Interest Group (SFF-SIG) is a new non-profit industry group that develops, promotes, and supports small form factor circuit board specifications and related technologies. For more information about the SFF-SIG please visit:

You can find an FAQ about the Pico-ITXe specification here.


VIA Pico-ITX Form Factor press release

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