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VIA DualGFX Express Technology - Bringing Advanced Multi-Display Systems to a Wider Market

The arrival of PCI Express technology has opened the door to a range of new possibilities and applications that can improve the everyday work and play experience of computer users. The revolutionary VIA DualGFX Express technology capitalizes on the high graphics bandwidth provided by PCI Express, to enable dual-graphics cards platforms and provide enhanced support for powerful multi-display systems.

By leveraging VIA DualGFX Express technology to connect dual graphics cards, users can now easily connect two, three or even four monitors to their system. Previously, to enable multi-monitor displays on this scale required using a high-end workstation class graphics card from specialist vendors, the drawback being a high cost that limited the market reach, as well as mediocre 3D performance in many popular 3D applications and games. Another alternative for enabling multi-display platforms was to implement a secondary PCI graphics card, however, platforms based on this architecture typically suffered from chronic bandwidth limitation issues, particularly with 3D or video applications.

VIA DualGFX Express bypasses the cost and bandwidth disadvantages of these alternative multi display architectures by supporting an almost unlimited range of commercially available graphics cards and providing a dedicated high-bandwidth connection to each graphics card to ensure powerful multitasking without compromising system performance. By supporting such a wide range of graphics cards across various price points, while ensuring excellent performance, VIA DualGFX Express delivers true multi-display support to a wider market.

VIA DualGFX Express technology is available on a new generation of motherboards entering the market featuring the VIA PT894 Pro and VIA PT880 Pro chipsets for the IntelĀ® PentiumĀ® 4 processor platform. The forthcoming VIA K8T890 Pro chipset will enable VIA DualGFX Express support on the AMD64 processor platform.

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