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VIA EPIA M (EOL) - Downloads

The VIA EPIA M-Series Mini-ITX Mainboard is a revolutionary, ultra-compact x86 platform optimized for today's killer digital applications.

» BIOS / BIOS Flash Utility » Driver » Manual
» Image Kit » Tech FAQ  

Version (Date) 1.16 (2004/10/14)
File Name (Size) I0100116.bin (257KB) Download
Update Description *[Note] This BIOS needs working with below new VGA driver* Update new VGA BIOS

Version (Date) v1.02 (2010/03/15)
File Name (Size) VIA FlashTool (739KB) Download
Update Description null

Category Integrated VGA
Version (Date)
File Name (Size) (6.66M) Download
Operating System *[Note] Please update this driver with above latest BIOS v.116* EPIA M VGA Driver for Windows 2000/XP

Category Integrated VGA
Version (Date)
File Name (Size) (5.64M) Download
Operating System *[Note] Please update this driver with above latest BIOS v.116* EPIA M VGA Driver for Windows 98/ME

Category Audio
Version (Date) 3.40b
File Name (Size) (1.92M) Download
Operating System EPIA M Audio Driver

Category Fast InfraRed
Version (Date) 1.20d
File Name (Size) FIR for (5.37M) Download
Operating System EPIA M FIR Driver

Category LAN
Version (Date) 3.1
File Name (Size) Lan for (3.27M) Download
Operating System EPIA M LAN Driver

Category USB 2.0
Version (Date) 2.54
File Name (Size) (1.85M) Download
Operating System EPIA M USB2.0 Driver

Category 4 in 1
Version (Date) 4.43
File Name (Size) (1.11M) Download
Operating System VIA 4 in 1 driver

Category Ver. Date File Name Size
User's Manual 1.52 2012/01/31 UM_EPIA-M_152.pdf 1.27M

Image Kit
Resolution Size
Low Resolution 246KB

Tech FAQ
Q: How to update the BIOS ?
A: To update the BIOS:

(System needs to boot into DOS prompt with bootable disk):

1. Make a bootable system 3.5" diskette.
2. Then copy the flash utility (eg. AWFL823B.EXE) and the new BIOS file (eg. I010010F.BIN) onto this diskette. The latest BIOS update and flash utility can be downloaded from for your specific product.
3. Boot the computer using this diskette.
4. At the A:> prompt type AWFL823B I010010F.BIN

You can find out additional parameters of the flash program by type "awfl823/?". This will cause the flash utility to load and automatically use the new file. Just follow the prompts that you see on the screen. When you are through, reboot your computer. Please load the optimized default settings in the BIOS.

WARNING!! During the final flash process, power should not be disconnected and the process should not be interrupted or the motherboard will not be able to boot up.
Q: How can CIR be implemented on the EPIA-M mini-ITX mainboard and who makes modules and remote controls/keyboards for it ?
A: CIR can be implemented using third party remote controls and keyboards and matching CIR receiver modules. The receiver module is connected to the CIR (really just PS2) pin header on the EPIA-M board. The module receives signals from the remote unit and translates the signals to PS2 input for the mainboard. Popular uses of CIR include remote controls for setup boxes and digital entertainment PCs. A third party vendor supplying CIR technology is Forward Electronics. They design and manufacture both receiver modules and remotes controls/keyboards. However, please note that they supply only to system developers and not to end-users as the technology would require driver customization (ie: to program the buttons on a remote), chassis considerations (the receiver module is usually customized to fit into a specific chassis), and possible development charges. End users looking for wireless keyboard/mouse solutions can try standard USB or PS2 interface wireless solutions from companies such as Logitec and Microsoft. The contact for Forward Electronics: Eric Chen Forward Electronics Co., LTD Forward does provide reference receiver modules and remote keyboards/controls to prospective system developers.
Q: Why isn't the audio Smart 5.1 working ?
A: Please make sure that you have installed the audio driver provided on the Driver Utilities CD. Please install the driver through the standard route (from the setup menu interface), and not with the setup execution file from the file folders.
Q: Can EPIA M/B use USB Stick boot ?
A: All EPIA series M/B can support USB stick boot but need to check If your stick can support or not.
Q: Why after connecting to my TV using a RCA port can I not see any messages ?
A: Please make sure the SPDIF_SEL Jumper is set on pin 1 and 2 when using the RCA port.
Q: How do I disable the onboard audio controller in the BIOS ?
A: To disabled the onboard audio controller :BIOS Setup Main Menu->Integrated Peripherals->AC 97 Audio->Disabled
Q: How do I disable the LAN onboard controller in the BIOS ?
A: To disabled the onboard LAN controller :BIOS Setup Main Menu->Integrated Peripherals->VIA OnChip Lan ->Disabled
Q: How do I disable the USB or 1394 controller ?
A: These features cannot be disabled.
Q: Why will the USB keyboard not work in DOS mode ?
A: To use the USB keyboard, it must be enabled in the BIOS: BIOS Setup Menu-> Integrated Peripherals->USB Keyboard Support ->Enabled
Q: How do I obtain the Linux Driver and Application Note ?
A: Please visit the VIA Arena Website at:
Q: What is VIA's Display "Driver Name" in the X-Window configuration file for CLE266, Savage Family, and KPLE133 North Bridge Chips for Linux?
A: CLE266 – via; Savage Family – savage; KPLE133 – trident
Q: Where can I get XP Embedded driver component support ?
A: Please visit the VIA Arena Website at:

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