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Have fun building your own portable PC. The VIA ARTiGO Pico-ITX Builder Kit is designed to help DIY enthusiasts utilize all the features of the ultra compact, versatile VIA Pico-ITX mainboard.

The VIA ARTiGO Pico-ITX Builder Kit A1000 includes a 1GHz VIA EPIA Pico-ITX mainboard, compact Pico-ITX form factor chassis, power adapter and accessories.

Please check the ARTiGO how-to video.

The VIA ARTiGO Pico-ITX Builder Kit A1000 does not include memory, hard drive, keyboard, mouse, or monitor.




VIA C7 1GHz Processor


VIA VX700 Unified Digital Media IGP Chipset

Memory Support

1 DDR2 533 SODIMM Socket, Up to 1GB

Hard Disk Support

1 IDE Connector (2.0mm 44-pin Header) and 1 SATA Connector for 2.5" Hard Disk

Operation System Support

Windows 2000 / XP, WinCE, XPe, Linux

USB Ports

4 USB 2.0 ports

LAN Port

1 10/100Mbps RJ-45 LAN port


Build-in High Definition Audio

Audio Ports

1 Microphone-in jack
1 Line-out jack

Display Port

1 VGA port


5.9"(L) x 4.3"(D) x 1.8"(H) (15cm x 11cm x 4.5cm)

Average System Weight

1.14 lbs (520g)


. One VIA EPIA PX Package

1 x EPIA PX Pico-ITX Mainboard

1 x Power Ribbon Cable (for ATX Power Supply)
1 x ATA-66/100/133 IDE Ribbon Cable
1 x PS/2 Ribbon Cable
1 x COM Port Ribbon Cable
1 x DVI Ribbon Cable
1 x Driver Utility CD

1 x Power Board

. One ARTiGO Chassis

1 x Chassis with Assembling Accessories


.One Power Cord

.One Adaptor

.One Assembly Guide

.SATA Cable*
.12-12 pin power connector
    w/SATA power*
.USB Cable*
* The three cables are additional accessaries and not promised in all packages.
Assembly Guide
Image Kit

Windows XP Drivers
Operating Guide
User's Manual

Easy Guide


ARTiGO can be a stand-alone computing system on your desk.

The ARTiGO is an extremely ultra compact system that can be installed into a standard 5.25" desktop drive bay. Adding a mini PC within a Desktop PC.

External screw holes for versatile system mounting.

The VIA EPIA Pico-ITX PX10000 Mainboard.
The world's smallest full-featured x86 mainboard at just 3.9" x 2.8" (10cm x 7.2cm) for ultra compact embedded PCs, systems and appliances.

More about EPIA Pico-ITX

Additional accessories for enhanced customization:

COM D-SUB Cable (RS-232 Device)
12-20-Pin Power Cable (ATX Power Supply)
IDE Cable (IDE Device)
DVI Cable (CRT/ LCD)
PS2 Cable (KB/ MS)
SATA Cable (SATA Device)
12-12 pin power connector w/SATA power (SATA Device)
USB Cable (for WLAN Module)

What's the available CPU frequency on ARTiGO?
ARTiGO A1000 is now available with VIA C7 1.0GHz CPU model.
What is AC voltage range of ARTiGO power supply?
The AC input is 100-240V ~ 1.8A (50/60Hz), and DC output is +12V/ 5A.
What type of system memory (RAM) do I need?
The VIA ARTiGO supports DDR2 533MHz SO-DIMM. Please refer to the VIA DRAM qualification vendor list below.
Module Vendor Model Serial No. CLK Size CL Type Component Vendor
Samsung M470T6554CZ3-CD5 DDR2 533 512MB 4 2Rx16 Samsung
Hynix HYMP564S64CP6-C4 DDR2 533 512MB 4 2Rx16 Hynix
Micron MT8HTF6464HDY-53EB3 DDR2 533 512MB 4 2Rx16 Micron
Infineon HYS64T64920HDL-3.7-B DDR2 533 512MB 4 2Rx16 Infineon
Hynix HY5PS12821BFP-C4 DDR2 533 1GB 4 2Rx16 Hynix
Infineon HYB18T512800BF37 DDR2 533 1GB 4 2Rx16 Infineon
MDT 18D51280D-3.7 DDR2 533 1GB 4 2Rx16 MDT
Nanya NT5TU64M8AE-37B DDR2 533 1GB 4 2Rx16 Nanya
SEC K4T51083QC-ZCD5 DDR2 533 1GB 4 2Rx16 Samsung
What sort of hard disk drive should I use with the VIA ARTiGO? Do you have any recommended drives?
You can use the IDE adaptor board with an IDE hard drive. There is also a SATA connector on the EPIA Pico-ITX mainboard, so you can choose to install a SATA hard drive externally. (SATA cable is not included in this package.)
Can I run Windows Vista on this system? What operating systems can I run on this system?

Windows Vista is currently not supported. You can run Windows XP/2000 & Linux on this system. For the Linux support, please refer to

What keyboard and mouse should I use?

ARTiGO uses a USB and USB 2.0 keyboard and mouse.

I'd like to know what resolution of monitor (LCD) is supported.
EPIA PX Pico-ITX can support a lot of resolution from 640x480 through 1600x1200, including popular resolutions of 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768 and 1600x1200.
Can I output to my TV screen?
Yes, if your TV supports the VGA input.
Is the case available in different colours?
So far, only black is available.
Where can I download the Windows XP drivers or BIOS of the EPIA PX Pico-ITX mainboard?
Please download the drivers or BIOS from
Where can I check the detail specification of the EPIA PX Pico-ITX mainboard?
You can find the specification at
Where can I find each pin definition of the EPIA-PX Pico-ITX mainboard?
Please check the User's Manual at
How can I know more about the VIA power board for the PW-N550 in ARTiGO package?
Please check the related information in the Easy Guide at
Where can I download the Linux/CE drivers of the EPIA PX Pico-ITX mainboard?
Please download the drivers from

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