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VIA Processors

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VIA Processors

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VIA Processors

This product is available fully ROHS-compliant.

VIA offers a wide range of power efficient processors that are driving system innovation in the PC, client, ultra mobile and embedded markets. Providing industry leading performance per watt, miniaturization, low power consumption and compatibility with a complete range of feature rich VIA digital media chipsets, VIA processors are powering the new generation of embedded, mobile and consumer electronics devices.

The VIA Nano® processor family and the VIA C7® processor family are targeted to specific applications based on power consumption and performance criteria, ranging from higher performance for mainstream desktop and notebook PCs, fanless operation to power saving capabilities for battery operated mobile devices.

VIA processors are designed by Centaur Technology, a wholly owned subsidiary of VIA Technologies, Inc. based in Austin Texas; learn more about Centaur here

VIA processors of at least 800MHz are recognized by Microsoft as a processor option in a Windows Vista Capable PC. For more information on VIA products certified for Windows Vista™, please see here.

VIA Processor Platforms Overview
VIA Processor Brand Key Attributes
VIA QuadCore Processor

VIA QuadCore processors feature a highly optimized, energy-efficient multi-core architecture which delivers awesome performance across the board for multi-tasking, multimedia playback, productivity and internet browsing in a low power envelope.

VIA Nano® X2 E-Series Processor

VIA Nano X2 E-Series processors combine a highly optimized, power-efficient dual-core architecture with advanced performance for the most demanding 64-bit x86 embedded system design applications.

VIA Nano® X2 Processor

VIA Nano X2 processors leverage a dual-core, 64-bit, low power architecture to provide cutting edge multi-thread performance within a signature power-efficient thermal envelope, the ideal solution for today's optimized PC designs.

VIA Eden® X2 Processor

VIA Eden X2 processors combine VIA's signature 'Eden' fanless design principles in a highly optimized, power-efficient 64-bit dual-core architecture, guaranteeing rock-solid stability without compromising on performance or features.

VIA Nano® Processor

The VIA Nano processor L-series is a high performance, power efficient processor line-up aimed at revitalizing the traditional PC markets, delivering advanced computation and leading performance per watt to a new breed of optimized desktops and notebooks.

VIA Nano® Processor

The VIA Nano processor U-series is an ultra power efficient range of ultra low voltage processors targeted at the next generation of small form factor desktop and ultra mobile devices such as mini-notes, providing all the performance with very low power draw for extended battery life.

VIA PV530 Processor

The VIA PV530 processor is a highly optimized low power processor, designed to bring a balanced, energy-efficient and eco-friendly computing experience to emerging markets around the world.

VIA C7®-M Mobile Processor

The VIA C7®-M mobile processor extends battery life in a tiny, ultra efficient NanoBGA2 package to enable next generation light, slim, highly portable and ultra secure notebooks.

Has ultra low voltage (ULV) skus for the new breed of ultra mobile devices (UMDs).

VIA C7®-D Desktop Processor The VIA C7®-D desktop processor is the world's first carbon free computing component that heralds a new era in eco-friendly commercial desktop computing.
VIA C7® Processor The VIA C7® processor is designed for smaller, quieter, lighter, more energy efficient x86 systems than ever, including a range of embedded devices.
VIA Eden® Embedded Processor

The VIA Eden® processor is the smallest, most powerful and most secure fanless x86 processor on the market, with industry-leading power efficiency and heat dissipation, scalable up to 1.5GHz within a maximum power envelope of just 7.5W.

Has ultra low voltage (ULV) skus for ultra compact embedded and battery-driven devices.
VIA CoreFusion™ Processor Platform The VIA CoreFusion™ Processor Platform combines a proven VIA processor core with a feature-rich VIA North Bridge IGP core logic solution in a single, compact, low power package, enabling innovative embedded designs without compromise on system performance or reliability.
VIA C3® Processor The VIA C3® processor in the EBGA package is targeted specifically at low profile and quiet system designs, especially for emerging markets.

Due to their ultra low power consumption and reduced cooling requirements, VIA processors are well suited to a range of x86 based digital entertainment, productivity, mobile, networking and embedded applications that require reliable quiet operation from compact designs.

Additionally, VIA processors are available in various packages that include the low profile EBGA (Enhanced Ball Grid Array) and tiny nanoBGA that, combined with their reduced cooling requirement, help developers design smaller and lower profile digital media devices.

Further enhancing power efficiency, all current VIA processors feature the innovative VIA PowerSaver technology that dynamically adjusts processor clock speed depending on the performance demands of running applications. Recently certified for its outstanding energy efficiency, VIA PowerSaver is able to reduce computational energy usage by at least 40% when compared to fixed-frequency operation, which not only reduces power costs, but also greatly aids efforts to reduce the amount of CO2 that is emitted into our environment.

VIA processors are designed to operate with feature rich VIA chipsets and companion chips, providing complete platform solutions that help to reduce R&D costs and speed up time to market for new product designs. VIA Processor platforms employ an innovative Balanced Platform Performance design that spreads the workload over the whole platform helping to achieve increased performance of key digital entertainment, security and multitasking operations with reduced overall platform power consumption. For more information on VIA chipsets for VIA processors, check out the range of VIA C-Series and VIA V-Series chipsets on the VIA Chipset web page.

As part of the Balanced Platform Performance design, VIA has introduced a number of on-die security features in the VIA PadLock Security Engine¹, that are designed to carry out certain demanding operations within information security programs. The VIA PadLock Hardware Security Suite is available on all recent VIA processors.

¹ Elements of the VIA PadLock Security Engine have been evaluated by various leading data security specialists. View the evaluation reports here.

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