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VIA C7®-D Processor

This product is available fully ROHS-compliant.

Designed to be the ideal desktop processor choice for corporations seeking to significantly save on their power bills, while delivering the performance and rock-solid reliability needed for productivity applications, the VIA C7®-D processor is the world's first computer component to be sold as carbon free. By offsetting every kilogram of carbon dioxide produced in the generation of electricity to power the VIA C7®-D processor, over the lifetime of the PC through regional projects in energy conservation, reforestation, and alternative energy, VIA is defining a new era in eco-friendly computing.

With a maximum power consumption of just 20W, the VIA C7®-D processor also sets new standards for performance-per-watt operation and enables use of less power intensive supporting components such as power supplies and cooling fans, and facilitates ultra low profile commercial desktop designs. 

The VIA C7®-D processor is based on the low profile NanoBGA2 package that measures just 21mm x 21mm and is scalable from 1.5GHz to 1.8GHz.

Take a look at how key partners are using the VIA C7-D processor to help individuals, organizations and communities reduce their carbon footprint through energy efficiency and offsetting, while still enabling systems that balance the needs of PC performance, reliability and total cost of ownership.

World's First Carbon Free Processor

The VIA C7®-D processor is the world's first Carbon Free computer component, helping individuals and organizations reduce their Carbon Footprint. For every VIA C7-D processor sold VIA works with environmental experts to calculate the electricity used over the processors lifetime (assumed to be 3 years). Then from the amount of electricity used, VIA calculates how much CO2 emissions will be released into the environment mainly as a result of fossil fuel burning power plants, and then works with regional offset organizations to "offset" that amount of CO2 through projects such as:

  • Reforestation: Planting trees in different areas around the world that absorb (or sequester) CO2 as they grow.
  • Alternative Energy: By promoting alternative energy such as Solar power, power plants don't need to burn as much fossil fuels reducing the amount of CO2 released into the environment.
  • Energy conservation: Efforts to help reduce the amount of energy used, meaning that power plants don't need to burn so much fossil fuels reducing the amount of CO2 released into the environment.

To learn more about VIA Carbon Free Computing please click here

Available Models

Processor Brand Core Architecture Processor Technology Clock Speed FSB Package / Size
VIA C7®-D 'Esther' 90nm 1.5GHz 400MHz NanoBGA2 21mmx21mm
VIA C7®-D 'Esther' 90nm 1.8GHz 400MHz NanoBGA2 21mmx21mm

Leading Performance for Productivity Applications

VIA StepAhead TechnologyThe VIA C7®-D processor offers a host of performance features such as StepAhead™ Advanced Branch Prediction, sixteen pipeline stages, support for SSE2 and the advanced SSE3 multimedia 3D instruction sets, a full-speed Floating Point Unit (FPU) and an efficiency-enhanced 128KB full-speed exclusive L2 cache with 32-way associativity for memory optimization. Altogether these features make possible a smooth desktop experience for productivity-based users.

As part of the platform, the VIA CN700 Digital Media chipset integrates the VIA Chrome® Pro IGP graphics processor with MPEG-2 hardware acceleration and the Chromotion™ CE engine to offer users smooth and crystal clear video. The platform also supports dual monitor output with DuoView+, rich 6-channel audio and DDR2 400/533MHz memory to make possible efficient and media rich commercial desktop PCs.

Learn more about the VIA CN700 Digital Media chipset

World's Most Comprehensive x86 Hardware Based Security

Built directly into the die of the VIA C7®-D processor is the VIA PadLock™ Security Engine, the world’s most comprehensive set of x86 hardware-based security tools. Boasting a feature set that includes the world’s fastest x86 AES cipher engine (VIA PadLock™ ACE), a Secure Hash engine for SHA-1/256 hashing, anti-worm propagation protection, and dual Quantum-based random number generators to provide a solid foundation for security, the VIA PadLock™ Security Engine enables corporations to protect local data stored and exchanged using hardware-based military-grade security, without taking a hit to system resources.

Learn more about the VIA PadLock Security Engine

A comprehensive range of VIA PadLock enabled security software applications is available for free download, which includes VIA StrongBox, enabling the creation of up to 40GB of secure virtual drive space to protect confidential information, and the VIA JCP, a security applet designed to handle the heavy-lifting involved in security for Java™ based desktop and online applications.

Learn more about VIA PadLock enabled Security Application

TreeMark™ Processor Tree Rating

To underscore the importance of the environmental impact of computing, VIA has introduced a new benchmark, TreeMark™, intended as a useful tool for organizations looking to balance environmental impact in their computing purchase decisions. The calculations, validated by independent consulting firm Best Foot Forward Ltd, take into account average use of a PC and derive the amount of carbon dioxide created as a by-product of the electricity generated to power the processor over its operational lifetime – and, thus, the number of trees required to offset that amount in the environment.

With its market-leading power efficiency, the VIA C7®-D processor requires just four broad-leaf trees to compensate for the carbon dioxide that needs to be produced over the lifetime of the PC, an average of 18 trees – or over 80% - fewer than competing desktop processors.

TreeMark Rating
TreeMark Rating

Learn more about the TreeMark™ Processor Tree Rating

Please contact your local VIA sales representative for information regarding availability of VIA C7-D processors, or send an email to VIA at


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