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VIA C7®-M Processors

This product is available fully ROHS-compliant.

The VIA C7®-M processor was designed to inspire a new breed of mobile devices, featuring a unique architecture that enables high performance with low power, cool temperature operation. As the smallest x86 mobile PC processor, the VIA C7-M processor is targeted specifically at the mainstream, thin and light, and ultra portable notebook segments.

VIA C7-M Mobile Processor Family
Processor Brand Model Number Clock Speed VIA V4 FSB Max Power (TDP) Companion Chipset Options: North Bridge Companion Chipset Options: South Bridge
VIA C7®-M 794 2.0GHz 400MHz 20W VIA VN800 VIA VT8237R plus, VT8251
VIA C7®-M 784 1.8GHz 400MHz 18W VIA VN800 VIA VT8237R plus, VT8251
VIA C7®-M 764 1.6GHz 400MHz 15W VIA VN800 VIA VT8237R plus, VT8251
VIA C7®-M 754 1.5GHz 400MHz 12W VIA VN800 VIA VT8237R plus, VT8251

Secure by Design
Built into every VIA C7-M processor is the world's fastest x86 security engine, the VIA PadLock Security Engine, which provides military-grade protection of your data.
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Low Power by Design
Developed from the ground up for low power based on the VIA CoolStream™ architecture, and built using IBM's state-of-the-art 90nm SOI manufacturing process, the highly integrated VIA C7-M processor delivers the greatest x86 performance per watt in the business.
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Performance by Design
Integrating the advanced StepAhead™ Technology Suite, the VIA C7-M processor delivers exceptional performance for all mobile applications, and when coupled with one of the VIA V-series core logic chipsets enables the latest high definition entertainment experiences.
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Secure, low power, and delivering comprehensive mobile performance, the VIA C7-M processor will drive real innovation in mobile system design, enabling a new generation of light, compact, ultra portable mobile devices that are truly the embodiment of the 'Simply Mobile' lifestyle.


Simply Mobile - The Flying Notebook...» Download Video
Thin, Light and very Durable - The Flying Notebook...» Download Video
Keep Safe!
The security of your personal information shouldn't be a problem. See how in this fun video...
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VIA C7-M image kit

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