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VIA C7®-M Processor Specifications

The VIA C7-M™ processor delivers great performance in a cool, native x86 package, ideal for the new wave of ultra compact, quiet running systems that blend into our environment at home, at work and on the road, while the VIA PadLock Hardware Security Suite offers greater peace of mind with security built directly onto the processor die.

VIA C7-M Processor
CPU clock speeds up to 2.0GHz Superior performance for mainstream digital media and productivity applications
Full x86 Operating System & software application compatibility Leverages the richest and most cost-effective software development platforms, including Microsoft® Windows®, Linux and Open BSD
VIA StepAhead™ Technology Suite
VIA V4 Bus up to 800MHz FSB High bandwidth connection to system core logic for optimum performance to memory and peripheral devices
16 pipeline stages Faster processor speed and efficiency
VIA TwinTurbo™ Technology Enables processor to switch from low power mode to full performance extremely quickly for smoother operation
Efficiency enhanced 128KB full-speed exclusive L2 cache with 32-way associativity Greater memory optimization for enhanced digital media streaming and overall performance
Sophisticated branch prediction mechanism Intuitive processing capability for better system operation
MMX, SSE, SSE2 & SSE3 instruction sets Enhanced 3D and multimedia performance
Full-speed FPU Additional processing power for 3D graphics, multimedia, and streaming functions
IO/APIC support Greatly reduces interrupt latency
VIA CoolStream™ Architecture
VIA PowerSaver™ Technology Allows VIA C7-M processor to dynamically adjust frequency and voltage according to user requirements
90nm SOI (Silicon-on-Insulator) process technology State-of-the-art 90nm SOI manufacturing process enables VIA C7-M processor to operate up to 15% faster while using 20% less power
World's smallest x86 processor die (30mm2) Enables a new generation of small form factor designs and new, smaller applications for the x86 platform
Compact VIA nanoBGA2 package (21mm x 21mm) Excellent thermal characteristics and compact package for greater system design innovation
VIA PadLock® Security Engine
AES Encryption World's fastest x86 security engine for unbreakable encryption of up to 25 GB/s (over 160 times faster than current hard drive speeds)
Secure Hash SHA-1 and SHA-256 Hashes messages using SHA-1 and SHA-256 algorithms at a rate of 20 GB/s for message authentication, providing evidence if message is tampered or altered
Montgomery Multiplier Provides hardware acceleration of encryption and decryption for public key algorithms such as RSA, reducing processor load
Two Quantum-based Random Number Generators Provides an unshakable foundation for security, generating truly random numbers at a rate of 20 million random bits per second
NX Execute Protection Prevents worms attaching to programs and executing

VIA C7-M Processor Block Diagram

Note: Elements of the VIA PadLock Security Engine have been evaluated by various leading data security specialists. View the evaluation reports here.

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