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Secure by Design

Built into every VIA C7®-M Processor is the advanced VIA PadLock® Security Engine that when enabled delivers the world's most comprehensive level of native security to ensure the safety of personal data.

Viruses, worms, hacking and identity theft have become an everyday part of mainstream computing today. As a result, the security of our personal information is now emerging as the single biggest issue in computing today. Every week, more and more articles appear about valuable company and personal identity information being stolen by thieves physically gaining access to data stored in particular on notebooks.

The VIA C7-M processor integrates the world's fastest x86 security engine with the world's most comprehensive set of security tools to enable real-time military-grade encryption of data. These tools include AES encryption, Secure Hash Algorithm SHA-1 and SHA-256, and a Montgomery multiplier to accelerate the encryption process used under RSA public key transmissions, all hardware based for superior operation. The VIA PadLock Security Engine also provides NX Execute Protection to prevent worms from propagating on a notebook and a Quantum based random number generator to give all the encryption tools an unshakable foundation of security.

When enabled, the VIA PadLock Security Engine can be used to make data unreadable to unauthorized readers by encrypting information in real-time. This means that if a notebook computer is stolen, the encrypted contents become completely unreadable to the thief. Worms that cause computers to not run properly or allow information to be stolen from the hard drive, are stopped dead in their tracks by the VIA PadLock Security Engine. Voice over IP and Instant Messaging are also kept safe from hackers listening in with VIA PadLock Security Engine enabled applications.

With the VIA PadLock Security Engine, not only can the security functions be performed at many times the speed, but the main processor is freed to do the job the user wants it to do (playing a movie or running a presentation), and overall power consumption is drastically reduced for longer mobile operation. These features combined with the rest of VIA's PadLock Security Engine suite of tools, gives front line defense against information theft and empowers secure mobile computing.

VIA PadLock® Security Engine
AES Encryption World's fastest x86 security engine for unbreakable encryption of up to 25 GB/s (over 160 times faster than current hard drive speeds)
Secure Hash SHA-1 and
Hashes messages using SHA-1 and SHA-256 algorithms at a rate of 20 GB/s for message authentication, providing evidence if message is tampered or altered
Montgomery Multiplier Provides hardware acceleration of encryption and decryption for public key algorithms such as RSA, reducing processor load
Two Quantum-based Random Number Generators Provides an unshakable foundation for security, generating truly random numbers at a rate of 20 million random bits per second
NX Execute Protection Prevents worms attaching to programs and executing

Mobile Processors: Security Feature Comparison
  AMD Sempron M Intel Celeron M Intel Pentium M VIA C3-M VIA C7-M Benefits
Secure Hash         Full SHA-1 & SHA-256 20Gbps peak
  • World's fastest x86 Secure Hash engine
  • Data integrity and origin authentication in data transfer
  • Virus Protection NX Bit   NX Bit   NX Bit Protects against worm attacks and propagation
    Encryption       Full AES Encryption ECB, CBC, CFB, OFB hardware modes 25Gbps peak@2GHz +RSA hardware assist (Montgomery Multiplier)
  • World's fastest x86 encryption
  • Miltary-grade
  • Data encryption acceleration for RSA Public Key Security
  • Hardware RNG       2 hardware RGNs + enchanced performance
    + feeds to SHA
  • World's fastest x86 Quantum RNG
  • Superior to software based generation
  • World's heighest level of x86 based entropy

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