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VIA CoreFusion™ Processor Platform

This product is available fully ROHS-compliant.

Boasting unprecedented performance and rich integration on a single package, the VIA CoreFusion processor platform sets new standards for miniaturization utilizing 15% less board space than competitive solutions. Designed to inspire the next generation of innovative ultra-small form factor digital devices for industrial and embedded markets, the VIA CoreFusion processor platform delivers ultra low power consumption, military-grade security, rock solid reliability and native compatibility with standard x86 applications. The VIA CoreFusion processor platform is based on the 'Nehemiah' core architecture and scalable from 533Mhz to 1GHz with a maximum thermal design power consumption of just 10 watts.

Available in either VIA Mark or VIA Luke, the VIA CoreFusion processor platform can meet the demands of any low profile, highly integrated embedded device, and is fully ROHS compliant.

Available Models

Platform Clock Speed Range Core Architecture TDP Max. Integrated Graphics Memory support Package /Size
VIA Mark 533/800MHz 'Nehemiah' 6/8W S3 Graphics ProSavage4 SDR 133MHz HSBGA/41 x 57 mm
VIA Luke 533/800/ 1000MHz 'Nehemiah' 6/8/10W VIA Chrome® Pro DDR 266/333/ 400MHz HSBGA/37 x 53 mm

Companion SouthBridge chipsets options: VT8235M, VT8237R Plus (SATA support), VT8251 (2 x 1 PCI-E) and VIA 686B

VIA CoreFusion Applications

With unparalleled rich integration, leading power efficiency and advanced native security, the VIA CoreFusion processor platform is ideal for a wide range of embedded and industrial applications.

CoreFusion Applications

Rich Feature set

Integrating the processor and Northbridge into a single package, the VIA CoreFusion processor platform is feature packed to significantly reduce board real estate without sacrifice of performance and functionality.

Platform Feature VIA Mark VIA Luke
3D Instruction MMX, SSE, 3DNow MMX, SSE, 3DNow
Built-in Security RNG and AES RNG and AES
Power Management No Power Saver 1.0
ISA Yes No
Integrated Graphics S3 Graphics ProSavage4 VIA Chrome® Pro
MPEG2 Decoder No VLD, IDCT and Motion Compensation
MPEG4 Decoder No ASP Level 5 and GMC
Integrated LVDS/DVI Transmitter Yes No
AGP 8x Extension No Yes
Dual Independent Display Support Yes Yes
Display Resolution (CRT) 1600 x 1200 1920 x 1440
Video Capture Port Yes Yes
Alpha Blending No Yes
PIP No Yes
Scaling No Yes
Hardware Rotation No Yes

Secure by Design

Based on the 'Nehemiah' core architecture, the VIA CoreFusion processor platform integrates advanced native security features of the VIA PadLock Security Engine to strengthen and accelerate encryption of data exchanged and stored. Offering real-time military-grade AES encryption/decryption and a quantum based random number generator to provide an unshakable foundation for security, the VIA PadLock Security Engine ensures speeds and efficiency many times that available in software, yet with negligible impact on processor performance.

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If you should have problems or questions setting up or running your VIA product, we offer comprehensive technical support here and you can find the latest device drivers, as well as helpful forums to discuss and solve your problems.

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