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VIA Eden-N Processor

This product is available fully ROHS-compliant.

The VIA Eden® -N is the world's smallest, lowest power and most secure native x86 processor and is opening up exciting new possibilities for innovation in an almost unlimited variety of compact Personal Electronics and mobile device designs. Based on the C5P Nehemiah core, the VIA Eden-N delivers enhanced digital media performance with the industry's most advanced embedded hardware-based security technologies and is designed to operate with passive cooling due to its ultra low power consumption.

World's Smallest Native x86 Processor

Featuring the tiny nanoBGA package measuring a mere 15mm x 15mm, the VIA Eden-N is the world's smallest native x86 processor.

Approximately the same size as a penny and less than half the size of the Intel® Pentium® M processor, the VIA Eden-N significantly reduces required board real estate, enabling smaller, more highly integrated platforms such as the 12cm x 12cm VIA EPIA N Nano-ITX mainboard.

Integrating a complete set of advanced computing, multimedia and connectivity features into an incredibly small form factor, the ground-breaking VIA EPIA N Nano-ITX mainboard is set to expand the reach of the x86 architecture to a new wave of Personal Electronics and commercial devices that require full compatibility with PC hardware and software.

World's Lowest Power Native x86 Processor

Based on the C5P Nehemiah core architecture, the VIA Eden-N processor delivers the industry's lowest levels of power consumption resulting in enhanced thermal characteristics that allow it to achieve a maximum Thermal Design Power (TDP) of only 2.5 watts at 533MHz, 5 watts at 800 MHz and 7 watts at 1GHz.

The low power consumption of the VIA Eden-N means that it needs minimal cooling, enabling fanless operation and also ensuring increased reliability for systems that need to run 24/7. This also means that it can operate with small, fanless 12V DC power boards and less or even no case fans, providing system designers with increased freedom for innovation with quiet, aesthetically pleasing systems for the living room.

Catering for mobile and battery operated applications, the VIA Eden-N includes support for VIA PowerSaver 3.0 technology. This feature dynamically alters the voltage and clock frequency to reduce power consumption when the processor is not required to run at full speed.

The following table shows the maximum power consumption of the VIA Eden-N processor:

VIA Eden-N Processor Power Consumption
TDP (Max power)
2.5W @ 533MHz
5W @ 800MHz
7W @ 1GHz

Note: TDP (Thermal Design Power) is the maximum core power consumption

World's Fastest x86 Security Engine

To address the growing need among corporate, government and home users to protect sensitive data on their connected devices, the C5P Nehemiah core of the VIA Eden-N processor incorporates the VIA PadLock Security Engine 1, featuring the military-grade VIA PadLock ACE (Advanced Cryptography Engine) and the quantum-based VIA PadLock RNG (Random Number Generator) for generating highly quality random numbers, the basis of unshakeable security.

Security applications that leverage the capabilities of the VIA PadLock Security Engine can be deployed quickly and easily across a broad range of devices including PCs, thin clients, set top boxes, home digital entertainment centers, point of sale terminals, and intelligent network routers in a wide variety of wired and wireless networking environments. Potential usage scenarios include Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), Corporate Peer to Peer Networks with restricted access for sensitive projects, and Home Wireless Networks.

¹ Elements of the VIA PadLock Security Engine have been evaluated by various leading information security specialists. View the evaluation reports here.

Proven Digital Media Performance

The VIA Eden-N processor employs VIA's advanced CoolStream™ architecture that is packed with digital media performance features, including support for sixteen pipeline stages, SSE and MMX multimedia instructions, StepAhead™ Advanced Branch Prediction, an efficiency- enhanced 64KB Full-Speed Exclusive L2 cache with 16-way associativity, and a full-speed FPU.

When coupled with the VIA CN400 digital media chipset and VIA Vinyl™ Audio, the VIA Eden-N processor delivers exceptional performance for all the most critical entertainment, data streaming, Internet and productivity applications, including MPEG4 and MPEG2 video playback, MP3 audio playback, Voice over IP and video conferencing applications, multimedia slideshows and web browsing.


VIA Eden-N product brochure
VIA Eden-N image kit

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