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VIA C7-M Ultra Mobile Platform

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Imagine a World of Ultra Mobility

Imagine being able to combine the functionality of your PDA, cell phone, and PC into a single device.
Imagine being able to fit such a device into the palm of your hand.

Imagine a World of Ultra Mobility

As users look for a new breed of devices that fuses communication, content support, and computing all in one easy to carry package, the Ultra Mobile segment is creating exciting opportunities for entertainment, productivity, and communication products with a portability never before thought possible.

Today the Ultra Mobile space is dominated by non-PC (or non-x86) architectures such as ARM or RISC that require unique components and often proprietary software. The advantage of driving the PC into smaller form factors is that it can leverage a massive software and developer base. However, the barriers preventing the PC platform moving into the Ultra Mobile space have always been size, cooling requirements, and power consumption.

Enter the VIA C7-M Ultra Mobile Platform

Ultra Mobility

VIA has taken major steps to address these barriers and enable VIA's x86 platform to move into a whole new range of Ultra Mobile devices. The embodiment of these efforts is the ultra power efficient and cool running operation of the VIA C7®-M family of processors. Developed from the ground up for maximum performance-per-watt operation, products such as the VIA C7-M ULV processor far outclass the capabilities of any other processor on the market.

The development of a low power platform does not stop there. For years, VIA has been designing some of the lowest power chipset solutions on the market. By focusing on rich feature integration and superb video quality through the Chromotion™ Video Engine, while retaining low power consumption and minimum cooling requirements, VIA digital media chipset solutions continue to lead the market for integration into small form factor designs.

A strong portfolio of uniquely designed products, and a strong vision of the true potential awaiting the PC platform make VIA a platform leader in the cutting edge world of Ultra Mobile devices.

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