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Support for Microsoft® Windows Vista™

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VIA IGP Chipset Support for Microsoft® Windows Vista™

In a continuing effort to ensure premium support for future technologies, VIA has been working closely with Microsoft to develop key system hardware components for Microsoft's next generation operating system, the Windows Vista operating system (former codename Longhorn). VIA provides different product lines that include Processors and Integrated Graphics Processor (IGP) Chipsets to support Windows Vista enhanced graphics requirements. VIA is also working closely with S3 Graphics supporting their leading line of Windows Vista compatible Graphics Processing Units (GPU).

This information is intended to assist customers in their planning for hardware deployments supporting the Windows Vista operating system, and will be updated on a timely basis to ensure accuracy.

VIA Technologies, Inc. is solely responsible for the contents on this page.

Windows Vista Capable Desktop IGP Chipsets
  • VIA P4M900
  • VIA K8M890
  • Windows Vista Capable Notebook IGP Chipsets
  • VIA K8N890
  • This page was last updated on Feb. 2, 2007.

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